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Training History:
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*Requires certificate of completion of training prior to activation as a PFA Responder. Online courses may be completed for NIMS / Incident Command at:
/IS/NIMS.asp and PFA ONLINE at:

Psychological First Aid**(PFA)
  PFA Training provided by:
DePelchin Red Cross
Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
Basic CPR
Basic First Aid
Basic Disaster Life Support (BDLS)

Other Emergency Responder or Mental Health Training:
Please specify below.

List any other Disaster Response / Relief organizations with which you volunteer:

RedCross MRC CERT   Other, not listed : 
List any types of disaster response experience. If none, select No
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If Yes, list the types of incidents below:
  1. Hurricane
  2. Tornado
  3. Flood
  4. Fire
  5. Disease Outbreak
  6. Other

Licensure: Please list all currently held professional licenses and expiration dates.
Applying to be a PFA Responder as a Volunteer:
Highest Educational Level:
If working, name of your employer:
Address of your employer:

BBy checking the box,
  • I affirm that I am at least 18 years old and competent;
  • I certify that the information provided on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge;
  • I acknowledge that prior to becoming an active Volunteer PFA Responder, I will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement;
  • I acknowledge that prior to becoming an active Volunteer PFA Responder, I will be required to sign a liability waiver and release that will include authorization for a background check to be conducted on me; and
I accept that my services will be limited to Psychological First Aid consistent with the training and standards defined by Harris County and the City of Houston.
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